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Why In-part

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Gain a competitive advantage by identifying cutting-edge innovation and expertise from universities and institutes worldwide.

  • Connect with teams actively looking for industry partners
  • Benefit from the latest academic breakthroughs

Get matched to new opportunities through Connect

Create an interests profile and review matches from 250+ subscribed institutes across all sectors and development stages.

  • Saved searches and filters
  • Weekly alerts with recommendations from our team
  • Only active, available and up-to-date opportunities

Extend your reach through Discover

Proactively engage an embedded network of academics and commercialisation teams in 1,400+ institutes with requirements or requests for proposals.

  • An in-house team of STEM experts working for you
  • Identify technologies, research, expertise, centres of excellence, and spin-outs
  • Undisclosed opportunities and unpublished research


Engage with industry teams from all sectors looking for a wide range of opportunities from early-stage to late-stage research, technologies, spin-outs and expertise for consultancy.

  • Connect with industry teams in 6,000+ companies 
  • Proactively showcase opportunities to decision-makers
  • Assess performance through analytics and metrics

Start new conversations through Connect

Have your research proactively matched to companies with aligned interests.

  • A dedicated account manager to support your engagement.
  • A closed-loop platform accessible only to industry decision-makers
  • A portal to sync disclosures with your website

Respond to industrial requirements through Discover

A new route to engage with industry challenges and funding opportunities

  • Weekly alerts with new industry campaigns
  • Companies looking for a wide range of opportunities
  • A simple submission process and progress tracking through an online dashboard


Advance research, generate impact and secure funding by partnering with industry teams around the world.

  • Connect with companies from all sectors
  • Help create solutions to industrial and societal challenges
  • Start partnerships to scale up and validate discoveries

Respond to industrial requirements through Discover

Engage with leading industry teams looking to find their next academic partners through ‘industry calls for opportunities’ and ‘requests for proposals’.

  • Weekly alerts with new industry campaigns
  • Companies looking for a wide range of opportunities
  • A simple submission process and progress tracking through an online dashboard

Showcase your expertise to industry through Connect

Increase your presence within a global community of industry teams focused on academic partnerships. 

  • A self-managed profile page to showcase expertise and active projects 
  • Proactive dissemination to engaged industry decision-makers
  • Expand your network and unlock new opportunities


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Case studies

Researchers at the University of Warwick secure exclusive global license to commercialise improved methods for plant breeding

Healx recently used IN-PART’s Discover platform to identify new academic partners and broaden their engagement into new geographic regions

Dr. Qing Liu-Michael, Program Director at USC's Eli and Edythe Broad Center, has found new routes to industry engagement through IN-PART's Discover service


What our customers say

“You have been a real joy to work with, and IN-PART offers a really brilliant service. It’s been a real privilege to see how much your team, offerings and network has grown over the time ANU has been onboard.”

“I really like IN-PART for two reasons. It’s easy to enter, navigate and filter however you want. Secondly, they are consistent, responsive, and they really care what you are looking for and what you need.”

“IN-PART has been really useful in terms of networking and progressing our technology’s development. We are closer to market for specific applications of our technology because of the partnerships we have formed through IN-PART.”


Frequently asked questions

IN-PART develops digital solutions curated by in-house STEM experts that simplify the initial connection between the right people in academia and industry. Our goal is to initiate meaningful conversations that help to drive positive impact from research, matching innovation and expertise on a level playing field globally.

Both of our products work towards the aim of simplifying the initial connection between academia and industry. In short...

Connect is an online matchmaking platform used by 250+ universities and research institutes to connect with industry teams in 6,000+ companies to commercialise academic innovations and expertise that are available and seeking collaboration.

Discover is a bespoke scouting platform used by innovation-driven companies to profile the global landscape of academia across an active network of 1,400 institutes, either through ‘Industry Calls for Opportunities’ or ‘Request for Proposal’ campaigns that find and confirm potential solutions to specific R&D challenges or requirements. 

Since we launched our matchmaking platform Connect in 2014, we’ve initiated over 10,000 new conversations between individuals in academia and industry, with 75% of these being international. More recently, through Discover, we’ve made available over £26-million in industry funding for new academic research.We don’t define what outcomes should lead from an introduction made through our platforms. As a result, the range of partnerships is wide-ranging and what we see on a regular basis include:
  • Licensing of intellectual property
  • Co-development of research – validation, screening, testing, up-scaling
  • Strategic partnerships and long-term collaborations
  • Grant funding applications for joint research projects
  • Funding for new research to address an industrial requirement or challenge
  • Secondments (industry to academia and vice versa)
  • Sponsored projects, MSc, PhD or Post Docs
  • Materials Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Consultancy

After an introduction has been initiated through one of our platforms, our team will follow up to confirm that contact has been made. After that, we play no further involvement in the conversation. It’s simpler that way. Our role is to make relevant connections as the starting point to help drive research forward. 

Outcomes are discussed exclusively between the company, researchers and institute. We don’t take any stake in the resulting partnerships. There are no hidden costs or downstream success fees, and all information submitted through our platforms is stored securely, confidentially and in accordance with GDPR. 

To ensure that the connections we make through our platform are meaningful and relevant to the purpose of research development and commercialisation, we only allow access to those who have the capacity to action collaborations and partnerships. And the easiest way for us to do that is to keep our platforms ‘closed-loop', using organisational and institutional affiliation as a verification step. 

As a result, we don’t permit access to consultants, legal professionals, public users, or third-party service providers.

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